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9 Exhibitors You Won't Want to Miss at RootsTech 2019

Are you as excited for RootsTech 2019 as we are? The RootsTech team is busy working away to make sure the coming conference is bigger and better than ever. As anyone who has attended RootsTech in years past will attest, the Expo Hall is a must-see feature of the conference.

In the Expo Hall, you can interact with and find exciting demos, the newest technology for genealogy, and even win prizes. You can also meet exhibitors with the newest and greatest technology and resources to help further your family history.

Here are 9 exhibitors you won’t want to miss.


Since their beginning in 2005, Book1One has become nationally recognized as a high-quality book manufacturer, specializing in on-demand and short-run book printing and binding services. They work with individuals wanting to self-publish their books and independent publishers seeking a book printing and binding partner. One of the most popular categories of books they print are genealogy and family history. Book1One offers archival-quality materials, no minimum order amounts, and friendly customer service.

Visit their booth, where they will be showcasing examples of the different types of genealogy and family history books they are able to print, including hardcover, softcover, plastic coil, and saddle stitch books, with all types of variations, including faux leather and cloth covers with foil stamping. Stop by for exclusive discount giveaways.

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ClearFoundation is a New Zealand based company who develops simple, secure, and affordable security, privacy, filtration, and management tools. Their goal is to ensure that every small business has access to these enterprise-grade tools.

In November 2018, it was announced that ClearCenter, a division of ClearFoundation, entered a joint agreement with FamilySearch. According to ClearCenter’s website, "Under the terms of the agreement, ClearCenter will join FamilySearch’s Solutions Program as an Emerging Solution Provider, and the two organizations will work together on several initiatives and API integration projects moving forward."

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Connect2Family combines aspects of genealogy, personal history, and social media to create a secure private network to record memories, photos, videos, and personal information and selectively share them with family. Unlike other social media, Connect2Family allows users to control disclosure of all posts and limit distribution to specific relatives. Furthermore, posts of extended family members can be searched and sorted to learn about living and deceased relatives. Relationships can be visualized using The Living Relative TreeTM, which shows unique charts of descendants and ancestors.

Connect2Family has released an updated version of its site which will be showcased at RootsTech. It includes enhanced features for exploring your family and even a place to share those old family recipes. You can test it out at our booth. If you bring a flash drive with a GEDCOM file, we can help you create your own Living Relative TreeTM.

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DNA & Me

Are you Irish, African, or Native American? Are you part sugar and spice, diva, or dinosaur? DNA & Me believes in the joy of diversity and the celebration of life. Whoever you are, wherever you come from, DNA & Me will help you celebrate it with custom-made, one-of-a-kind art displays and accessories that are all about you! We offer customizable wall art, wallet-sized plastic photo cards, cell phone cases, mugs, and even household accessories to display your DNA heritage—all mailed right to your door.

For all RootsTech 2019 customers, we will be offering our lowest discount pricing and include a small gift to say thank you for the first 500 orders placed at the conference. From all of us here at DNA & Me, we appreciate this opportunity to celebrate your heritage at RootsTech 2019 and hope to see you there! Thank you!

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MemoryWeb gives you one place to manage and enjoy current photos, old family photos, vital records, and more. Organize pictures your way with special features like approximate-date tagging, front and backside photo linking, and interactive family trees. Tag photos to people through facial recognition or on your own. Add captions, create albums, and tag locations to scanned photos—these will also be converted into GPS information! Your details stay with your photos forever in 2 ways: as metadata that is automatically inserted in your photo file, and as tags that can be permanently stamped underneath your photo (if you want).

Use promo code RT2019, and register for 3 months free!

While you’re at RootsTech, come watch MemoryWeb co-founders Mike Taylor and Chris Desmond present a session entitled "Behind the metadata curtain: Which common platforms read, create, and release photo tags?"

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Roots Family History

If you are looking for some of the most cutting-edge and original family history products, make sure you stop by the Roots Family History booth. Roots Family History invents, develops, and brings to market some of the most innovative family history products.

At their booth, they will be showcasing the new expanded version of their popular tabletop game PANDO™. PANDO™ was released in November of 2017 on Kickstarter and sold all over the world. PANDO™ is the game where siblings compete to answer questions about mom and dad’s past. It’s the perfect family gathering game and the ultimate family history game.

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Salt Lake Community College Workforce Training and Continuing Education

Salt Lake Community College’s Workforce Training and Continuing Education division offers a completely online genealogy accreditation or certification. The program teaches you research and evidence analysis skills, including how to properly use and cite US or international genealogical records.

At the 2019 RootsTech convention, their booth will be featuring Certified Genealogist® and instructor Sharon Carmack on Thursday, February 28, from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. Sharon is a partner at Warren, Carmack, and Associates, the owner of, executive editor of Scattered Leaves Press, and on the board for Certification of Genealogists®.

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totheletter DNA

totheletter DNA is the first company in the world to offer commercially-available testing of envelopes, postcards with stamps, and aerogrammes to generate a file compatible for use with genealogy sites. This enables you to use DNA from a deceased ancestor to understand more about your genealogy and family tree.

Bring your envelope, postcard, or aerogramme from your deceased ancestor to our booth, where we will happily let you know whether it appears suitable for DNA extraction, with no obligation or cost to you. We will also be offering a 5 percent discount to RootsTech customers who want to use our extraction service. It’s best to bring your envelope, postcard, or aerogramme in a paper bag and minimize any handling. We can also take your sample with us after RootsTech for testing, saving you postage as well. If our lab finds useable DNA, we then genotype it to generate an autosomal DNA raw text file that can be uploaded to genealogy databases. Come and find out more at our booth!

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Vitae Coins

Vitae Coins® preserves the history, honor, and stories of your loved ones by combining technology with traditional headstone or grave marker memorials. Generations of your family will have access to the historical, genealogical, biographical, and FamilySearch information of their ancestors.

When you purchase a Vitae Coin®, you create a personalized memorial web page to share stories, photos, videos, genealogy, FamilySearch, and biographical information to chronicle the special person’s life. When you scan the coin with your smartphone, the personalized memorial web page opens. The coin can be affixed to a gravestone or other memorial grave marker or kept as a personal keepsake.

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