Elizabeth Miller | Aug 20, 2019

10 Reasons to Attend RootsTech 2020

It’s that time of year again. RootsTech 2020 is coming up, and it’s almost registration time! At RootsTech, you can enjoy over 300 engaging and educational break-out sessions, top-notch speakers, and outstanding entertainers. This year is our 10 year celebration and my team has been working extra hard to plan an unforgettable conference!

To celebrate, here are 10 reasons you will want to mark your calendars, get your sneakers laced, and have your snacks ready for RootsTech 2020 on February 26–29 at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Save the date! Registration for RootsTech 2020 will open on September 18, 2019.

1. 10-Year Celebration

This year will be our 10-Year celebration of RootsTech. We can’t believe it! How did we get so old and experienced?! Together we’ve enjoyed 10 years of wonderful discovery, connection, learning, and belonging. Thanks to you, in the last ten years we have grown to a global conference. You may have been there with us for every step along the way, or maybe you’re just now stumbling onto this wonderful conference in time to enjoy our 10 year celebration. Either way, we are so grateful for each of you! Together we’re working to make sure that no one is forgotten.

Take a look with us as we celebrate last year and the “genealogical playground” that RootsTech has become.

2. Re-Energize

If you have ever been to RootsTech, you know that the energy at the conference is palpable. Thousands of family history and genealogy enthusiasts gather together and fill the conference halls with a buzz of excitement. If you feel you’ve hit a dead-end in your research, you will find you’re not alone! And even better, you can find one-on-one coaching at RootsTech. Come to RootsTech to feel rejuvenated in your research.

Watch as Lisa Louise Cooke, producer and host of the Genealogy Gems podcast, talks about how she gets re-energized at RootsTech.

3. Something for Everyone

Maybe you feel as though you are too new to the family history and genealogy game to come to the world’s premier genealogy conference. Well, we’re here to tell you that there is something for everyone at RootsTech! If you’re just starting out, you can rub elbows with some of the world’s most experienced genealogists. If you’re an expert and know your family line back to the dinosaurs, you can learn about new technological capabilities with DNA, digitization, or newly available records to help you find your family.

RootsTech 2020 will offer over 300 classes and break-out sessions designed for everyone from beginners to experts. The Demo Theater in the expo hall is a great place to start to get a quick taste of the variety of topics the conference covers.

Watch as Paul Nauta, public relations manager at FamilySearch, explains what you can find at RootsTech.

4. Find Your Family

Each of us is part of a family. Sometimes it’s a family we make for ourselves, and sometimes it’s a family we connect with through research and records. Apart from discovering new stories, resources, and technologies, the main reason guests come to RootsTech each year is to find their family—sometimes they even meet in person! Listen to the story of these two cousins who found each other at RootsTech.

5. Global Conference, Global Experience

If you have ever come across records from far-off places and found that, try as you might, you just can’t learn old high German overnight, you are not alone. At RootsTech you can find resources that will help you translate those German records. Et, voila! You’ve just hurdled that brick wall. RootsTech is a global conference with global experience. Not only will you be able to meet people from all over the world at this conference, but you’ll also be able to find resources from all over the world. RootsTech is hitting the road this year with RootsTech London 2019. We’ll be sure to bring back what we learn and use it to make every RootsTech hereafter, at home or abroad, even better.

Myko Clelland of FindmyPast speaks to RootsTech’s global community.

6. See What’s Coming Up in Family History

Everybody loves a sneak peek. Some of us even skip to the end of a book to see what will happen! (Though this may not be as helpful when checking census records.) At RootsTech you get to see what’s on the cutting edge of the genealogy and family history industry. In the Expo Hall, you can find more than 200 exhibitors, including Ancestry, 23andMe, FindmyPast, MyHeritage, FamilySearch, and more! You can find the latest and greatest to move you out of the dusty archives and into the comfort and speed of the best the industry has to offer.

Watch as Regina Mason—author, speaker, and producer—talks about her journey with family history and how RootsTech has made that journey.

7. Meeting of Technology and Genealogy

We may still be waiting on teleportation, but we are making amazing leaps forward in technology every year that make family history research faster, more accurate, shareable, and fun. RootsTech is the preeminent conference for technology and genealogy coming together in a space of creation and collaboration. Many of the best of the best in the industry come to RootsTech to make their big announcements at this conference. At RootsTech, you can discover new tools and advancements in DNA, digitization, mobile apps, and records to enhance your genealogy experience. We know that the future of family history lies in the intersection of technology and genealogy.

Watch as Tara Bergeson, RootsTech events coordinator, talks about RootsTech’s beginnings with technology.

8. Find Your Community

RootsTech is a community of passionate, hardworking, bright, and patient individuals from all over the world. Here, everyone is excited to hear about your great aunt’s propensity for keeping detailed records or how your great-great-great-grandfather was shipwrecked for a week and survived by eating snails (true story)! Whatever kinds of stories you have and discoveries you make, we want to hear and share them at RootsTech! At RootsTech you can find your community and network as well as rekindle old and begin new friendships.

Watch as event director Jen Allen talks about the amazing volunteers in this community; we couldn’t do this without you!

9. Find Help and Help Others

Just like a community, at RootsTech you will meet people who know much more and people who don’t know nearly as much as you do about different topics. One reason to come to RootsTech is to meet other genealogists and to help one another. Have you discovered a phenomenal way to organize your research? Or do you need help transitioning your oral history to your family tree? You can both find help and help others at RootsTech. We need you, and we need each other!

Kenyatta Berry, author and host of Genealogy Roadshow, shares her excitement for new research opportunities for people of African descent.

10.  The Story of You

Finding your family can help you understand the ways your story bridges the distance between your past and future. We can understand our own stories more clearly by understanding the “prologue” of our own story. At RootsTech not only can you discover what your story has been, but you can also discover tools to tell future generations what your story is right now. Your story matters. You matter.


Registration for RootsTech 2020 opens September 18, 2019. Register early to take advantage of exclusive early bird pricing! And follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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