Elizabeth Miller | Jan 22, 2020

4 Exhibitors You Can’t Miss at RootsTech 2020

Over the last 10 years of RootsTech, the Expo Hall has become the beating heart of RootsTech, where family history, discovery, and technology take center stage. In the Expo Hall, guests and exhibitors come together to talk through family history questions, make discoveries, and inspire innovation.

In the Expo Hall you will have access to special demos, the Expo Hall classroom, the Coaches’ Corner (brought to you by Trace), the Cyber Café, and more! With over 300 exhibitors sharing products, special giveaways, knowledge, and learning, the Expo Hall is the place to be.

If you need to be reenergized in your own family history and genealogical work, this is the place to charge those batteries. You will find new ideas, tips, tricks, methods, and technologies that can help you break down generations-old walls in your family and in your research.

As you explore the 300-plus exhibitors, we’ve got four you definitely don’t want to miss:

Turning Little Hearts

Children who know their family stories are more confident, resilient, successful, and happy. But getting a child to sit and listen to a long family history story can be nearly impossible! Enter the Turning Little Hearts book. This was written to help parents and grandparents share their family stories in fun, interactive, and meaningful ways. Activities include playing games, hunting for treasure, dressing up, fort building, picture coloring, language learning, jewelry making, puzzle solving, flower planting, birthday celebrating, map making, poem writing, and more. With over 90 activities in this one-of-a-kind book, you’ll have years of fun sharing your amazing family stories.

At the Turning Little Hearts booth:

If you love family history and want to share your stories with children, then this booth is for you! Turning Little Hearts has over 90 fun activities to engage children in learning about their ancestors. Come see videos and examples of the activities, and browse and discuss fun activities you can do. You can also take pictures with international costumes at the photo booth and post them on your social media to win neat prizes that help make your storytelling fun for kids. Be sure to take home a heart-shaped lollipop to share with a child as you tell him or her a neat ancestor story.

You can follow Turning Little Hearts on Facebook, Instagram, or their website! You can even find their book here.

Archival Methods

Archival Methods is a locally owned manufacturer and supplier of archival-quality storage and display products. Archival Methods handcrafts their boxes and cases in Rochester, New York. Whatever you have to store—photographs, documents, books, textiles, or family heirlooms—they can provide the supplies for long-term preservation of your treasured memories. Their friendly and knowledgeable customer service team provides quick responses to your questions, and our blog provides guidance on all kinds of preservation projects.

At the Archival Methods booth:

Be prepared to geek out over archival storage! Archival Methods will have on display all kinds of boxes, binders, and storage accessories for all your storage needs. Photographs, documents, books, textiles, memorabilia, heirlooms—they will have samples of storage for all types of materials. Discover the benefits of archival storage, and discuss preservation solutions for your treasured memories with their knowledgeable team. They will have some starter kits for sale as well. The Association of Professional Photo Organizers will be sharing the Archival Methods booth and will provide you with information about tackling your photo collection.

You can follow Archival Methods on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


Treasured is a software-based company focused on helping families preserve and showcase their history. Treasured aims to prevent the loss of family history by engaging younger generations. Its core platform will allow families to become the master curator of an interactive digital family archive. Members of TreasureWorld can easily upload their media, organize their stories, and share access with loved ones. The Treasured Platform will be launching at RootsTech 2020.

At the Treasured booth:

The Treasured booth, located in room 1746, will offer RootsTech attendees an immersive digital family archive experience. The Treasured team will debut their platform at RootsTech, host a fun “family day” activity for children, and offer special promotions to new members. Don’t forget they will have ribbons for everyone’s conference badges. Stay tuned for more announcements from the @TreasuredTeam.

You can learn more about Treasured by following them on their website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

CodePro Studios

CodePro Studios is a full-service mobile-app company based out of Farmington, Utah. CodePro is devoted to providing exceptional customer service. They offer iOS, Android, and web apps, as well as product management, user experience design, and marketing expertise.

At the CodePro Studios booth:

The Memories Book mobile app brings all the photos and stories of your ancestors in FamilySearch.org right to your fingertips for free with just a few taps. It takes only a few minutes to generate your family history book and export it to PDF or have it printed and shipped to your doorstep. Over 10,000 books have already been created. You can learn more about getting your own book at the booth!

To learn more, you can follow CodePro Studios on LinkedIn, on their website, or on the website for their app. You can also download their app here.

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