Maegan Kasteler | Sep 30, 2019

4 More Reasons to Attend RootsTech 2020

Ok, you may have heard by now that registration for RootsTech 2020 has opened! And if you hadn't already heard, now you have. Well, you might be wondering, “Why should I go to RootsTech?” or “What is so special about RootsTech 2020?” or even “Salt Lake City? Why would I want to go there?” If you have found yourself thinking any of these questions, here are four MORE reasons you should attend RootsTech 2020. (We previously published the blog 10 Reasons to Attend RootsTech 2020.)

The Family History Library

A don't miss for any genealogist making the trip to SLC, the Family History Library is the world's largest genealogy library, and it is only a block from the Salt Palace, where RootsTech is held! This is the perfect place to go in between sessions or before or after RootsTech to help further your research. In the Family History Library, you will find the Discovery Center, a family-friendly area with fun for all ages. With well over 550 staff members and volunteers from all over the world, you can access personal research assistance as well as access to over 1.4 million rolls of microfilm and over 600,000 books, serials, and maps. All-in-all, the Family History Library is a don't miss for all genealogists young and old!

DNA Basics Learning Center

Located in the Expo Hall, the DNA Basics Learning Center is the place to go for all things DNA. Staffed with some of the top genetic genealogists in the world, the DNA Basics Learning Center should be near the top of your “must-do” list. Have you taken a DNA test but don’t know what to do next? Head to the DNA Basics Learning Center. Wondering what other options you have? Check out the DNA Basics Learning Center. Need help interpreting your DNA results? Let the experts in the DNA Basics Learning Center help you. Wondering which DNA test is right for you? Ask us in the DNA Basics Learning Center.


Think that RootsTech is only for more serious or professional genealogists? Think again! Each year over we offer over 300 classes spanning a wide variety of subjects and skill levels. Whether you are interested in learning how to integrate social media into your genealogy plan, exploring specific record types, or learning more about preservation, you can find a class to help you at RootsTech. Whatever your genealogy interest and whatever skill level you are, there are many classes to pique your interest. Not only will you find classes to help you in your research journey, but you will also be surrounded by a group of like-minded people. Not convinced? One of our former ambassadors wrote on her blog about overcoming her skepticism. Take a look.

Expo Hall

A standard feature that has become a beloved RootsTech tradition over the past 10 years is the Expo Hall! Here you can mingle with, meet, and enlist the help of some of the best and brightest in the genealogy industry. Whether you are looking for technological resources, genealogy or RootsTech swag, physical representations of your family tree, book scanning, tech demos, or just the chance to meet and mingle with others of all skill levels in the genealogical community, the Expo Hall is the place to do it all! A great stop in between classes or a chance to find a seat and take a load off, the Expo Hall is sure to delight all RootsTech attendees. If 2020 is your first time visiting us here in SLC, make sure you block off some time to come see us in the Expo Hall.

Whether you are joining us for the first time in 2020 or you are a seasoned veteran, RootsTech 2020 and the #RootsTech10Years celebration are sure to be a don't miss. You can register here today! And don't forget to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Maegan Kasteler

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