Tyler Stahle | Jul 18, 2017

4 Reasons to be a RootsTech Sponsor

Increase your brand exposure, connect with key audiences, and get your product in the hands of thousands at RootsTech.

With the genealogy industry projected to grow to nearly $3 billion in 2018, there’s never been a better time to position your product or brand as a leader within the industry. If you’ve been looking for ways to expand your audience, increase revenue, and reach new demographics, look no further than RootsTech 2018, happening February 28–March 3 in Salt Lake City, Utah.

As the world’s largest family history and technology conference, RootsTech attracts hundreds of thousands of conference attendees and viewers. These attendees come from all over the world to learn about discovering, preserving, and sharing family connections. By becoming a RootsTech sponsor, your company will be given unparalleled opportunities to connect directly with existing and emerging customers while influencing the future of the industry.

While there are many benefits to becoming a RootsTech sponsor, here are four of the most noticeable.

Main Stage Time

As a Platinum Sponsor, your company and spokesperson will receive a guaranteed five minutes of stage time during the general session. This stage time happens in front of a live audience of more than 10,000 attendees and another 20,000 online viewers. During this time on stage, you have the opportunity to talk about what’s new with your organization or product, demonstrate its features and benefits, and offer exclusive discounts to motivate attendees to visit your booth.

At the 2017 conference, Ancestry took advantage of this stage time by promoting their DNA kits in a creative way. The result? Thousands of kits were sold.


Preferential Expo Hall Placement

Regardless of sponsorship level, you’ll be given preferential placement in the Expo Hall’s most visible areas. Platinum Sponsors receive ten free 10x10 booth spaces, Gold Sponsors receive eight 10x10 booth spaces, Silver Sponsors receive six 10x10 booth spaces, and Bronze Sponsors receive four 10x10 booth spaces. Having your booth in a highly trafficked area will bring your brand added exposure and present opportunities to connect with new customers.

“We look forward to RootsTech every year,” said a representative from Ancestry after the 2017 conference. “Having been there since the beginning, we can say that it started strong and has become even better each year. The format of the conference, the positive energy, and the amazing conference organizers make this one of our favorite events of the year.”

Highly Visible Logo Placement

No matter the sponsorship level, your brand will be given special treatment in regards to on-site signage with your company logo. However, if you’re looking for greater logo exposure, consider becoming a Gold Sponsor, which brings the opportunity to sponsor conference items such as attendee bags or lanyards.

As a Gold Sponsor, you also have the ability to advertise on the RootsTech mobile app. These opportunities include:

Your logo on the homescreen.

  • 1 banner ad.
  • 1 multimedia ad.
  • 5 mobile push alerts.

Rejuvenate and Inspire Your Company Employees

From inspiring keynote speakers to insightful class sessions, RootsTech brings together both innovation and excitement to the booming genealogical industry.

“It’s unbelievable that RootsTech has grown as large as it is,” said Tim Sullivan, CEO at Ancestry.com at the 2016 conference. “There’s tremendous energy here. Even folks from our own company come here and get really re-energized and excited.”


To learn about more about the benefits of being a RootsTech sponsor, click here.

Tyler Stahle

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