Heidi Ertel | Feb 9, 2018

5 Can't Miss Exhibitors at RootsTech 2018

For many RootsTech attendees, one of the biggest highlights of the conference is the massive Expo Hall—a place to discover helpful solutions to genealogy problems, view demonstrations, interact with the newest family history technology, and even win prizes.

But exciting demos and free giveaways aren’t the only things that make the Expo Hall great; it’s the size of the hall and the number of exhibitors. Just how big is the Expo Hall? This video gives you an idea.

Being exposed to hundreds of different ideas, technologies, and products can help re-energize you in your family history efforts and spur new ideas of creativity. This year, more than 170 exhibitors will pack the Expo Hall. While you may not be able to visit every booth, here are five you won’t want to miss:


Booth: 1944

Connect2Family was created to provide a private, online resource for bringing families together, for discovering extended family members, and for sharing information with family members.

Their website is designed to equip users with a private and secure place to increase closeness among the living members of your extended family. Connect2Family also identifies relationships among the extended family and displays those relationships as a tree of descendants from a common ancestor.

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Eternal Roots

Booth: 1942

Eternal Roots creates custom documentaries and life stories.  They interview people recounting their life stories.  They then add cherished family photos to help bring the stories to life. After all is said and done, they present you with a video and hardcover book that preserves your life story. 

Check out their Facebook page.


Booth: 833

Heredis helps 100,000 daily genealogy enthusiasts and professionals to discover their ancestors and create impressive family trees through their family tree software for Mac and Windows.

The software allows you to create your genealogy, add family members, attach photos, import GEDCOM files, find your ancestors, capture documents, share your history, print out family trees, search for ancestors in a European online database with over 500 million records, and share your data with any person you choose and on any type of device.

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LifeTimes Operations

Booth: 1645

LifeTimes is a free social media site that enables people to connect with their family past and present.

Users can grow their family’s history linking with others around the world. It allows you to capture the times that have been important in your life and also shows where your family has been and where you have come from.

Take a look at their Facebook and Twitter.


Booth: 1847

Created specifically with family history preservation in mind, Xistance allows you to share your genealogy research with future generations.

It is a private space to build pages for yourself and loved ones in order to preserve life’s adventures, stories, and family history for future generations.

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Heidi Ertel

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