Tyler Stahle | Aug 25, 2017

8 Reasons to Attend RootsTech 2018

Each year, RootsTech is bigger and better than ever, and you can count on 2018 being no exception. While the world-class speakers, all-star entertainers, and hundreds of engaging classes are reason enough to attend, here are eight other reasons why you won’t want to miss out on the excitement happening soon at the world’s largest genealogy conference.

1. RootsTech Is a Community

If we’ve learned anything over the years, it’s that the genealogical community has no bounds. From the newest newbie to the most experienced family historian, there’s a place at RootsTech for everyone who’s interested in discovering their roots.

Watch the video below to see why popular professional genealogist Amy Johnson Crow explains why RootsTech has become an annual tradition for her.

2. Sharpen Your Skills

Regardless of experience level, RootsTech offers something for everyone. Whether you’re interested in doing DNA research, understanding census records, or telling your family’s story in a visual way, you can bet there’s a RootsTech class for that.

“Whether you have an interest in technology, or you have an interest in how to research some small village in eastern Europe, or you’re interested in medical or interested in DNA, this is the place to be,” said Dick Eastman at the 2017 conference.

3. See What’s on the Family History Horizon

It’s no secret that technology has vastly improved the ways in which people discover their family heritage. At RootsTech, you’ll be exposed to the cutting-edge tech that makes discovering, sharing, and preserving your family legacy possible.

In 2018 the RootsTech Expo Hall will be packed with more than 200 exhibitors such as Ancestry, Findmypast, MyHeritage, FamilySearch, Konica Minolta, Living DNA, 23 and Me, Wordpress, and many more!

Just how gigantic is the Expo Hall? Take a look:

4. Bring Your Family History to Life

If you think family history is just a bunch of dusty old records in your grandma’s attic, think again. At RootsTech, you’ll see your family history in a whole new way—a way that is exciting and invigorating.

“Often, genealogy is looked at as [if it’s] dead, … and people think that people who go to genealogy conferences are almost dead,” said Nicka Smith at the 2017 conference. “No! … This is a hobby. What RootsTech does is it makes it vibrant, it makes it alive, it makes it young, it makes it hip, it makes it appealing to people of all ages.”

5. Build Relationships

At RootsTech, we believe in the power of connection, and we recognize that we’re at our best when we feel a sense of belonging. The RootsTech conference is specifically designed to help you network and build relationships with people and organizations within the genealogy industry.

“As someone who has come from both New York and Atlanta to Utah for RootsTech now for three years, it has become a must-do in our family schedule,” said Rachel LaCour Niesen, founder of SaveFamilyPhotos at the 2017 event.

6. See Where Genealogy and Technology Intersect

RootsTech is all about preserving and sharing family stories through technology and innovation, and we realize that the future of family history depends on future technological advances. The RootsTech Innovation Showcase, which will make its debut at RootsTech 2018, will highlight the leading technologies that are advancing the industry. Come learn about these tools and features and cast your vote for the Best Family History Innovations of 2018.

7. Learn Your Story

Family history is about more than just old records and photographs; it’s about the stories of our ancestors. At RootsTech, you’ll have opportunities to learn these stories and discover how they relate to you.

“It’s so important to know who you are and to know your story. And when you know your story, then you can understand your own particular trials, the trials of your ancestors, and it helps you appreciate who you are,” said Sherri Camp at the 2017 event.

8. Incorporate Family History into Your Daily Life

Family legacies aren’t just nice to know—they’re vital to who we are. At RootsTech, we believe that knowing your family story can influence your everyday life in meaningful and sometimes unexpected ways.

Watch D. Joshua Taylor describe how “pink popcorn” became a tradition in his own family, thanks to his grandmothers.


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