Tyler Stahle | Feb 19, 2020

Additional Health & Safety Guidelines for RootsTech SLC 2020

Thank you for registering for RootsTech 2020. As you are all aware, we are in the middle of the peak of a serious Influenza season. We are also mindful of the challenges facing many countries who are dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak.

To help keep all participants safe and healthy, we recommend the following:

  • If you have or develop any mild symptoms of fever, achy body, sore throat or cough, please attend using the remote viewing options we are providing to all registered participants. Please do not come to the event until all symptoms have been resolved for at least 24 hours. Please also contact your medical provider.

  • If you are from a nation affected by COVID-19 or have recently traveled to one, please consider deferring attendance to RootsTech 2020 in person this year, and participate through the remote viewing options. To have your registration refunded or changed to a virtual pass, please email info@rootstech.org with questions.

  • If you are well, and attend in person, please wash your hands or use hand sanitizer stations on entry and exit of all meetings and the bathrooms. Hand sanitizer and masks will be available at all Info Desks and in other places throughout the Salt Palace.

These precautions are general health measures we should take with any meeting, and can be applied to help prevent future illness.

Thank you,

Stephen T. Rockwood, CEO, FamilySearch International
Jen Allen, RootsTech event director

Tyler Stahle

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