Linda Clyde | May 15, 2018

Become an Exhibitor at RootsTech in 2019

The Expo Hall at RootsTech is one of the best places to give your brand exposure, and the exciting news is that the audience is growing every year. Presently, the conference hosts more than 26,000 attendees on site who travel from all 50 of the United States and more than 45 countries around the world, and these numbers are expected to keep growing.

Conference attendees love the Expo Hall not only for the innovative products and companies on display but also for the services provided, such as the Coaches Corner or the Heirloom Show and Tell. Other popular attractions include the Innovation Alley, the Discovery Zone, and the Demo Theater. Each year, great effort is made to ensure the Expo Hall is a wonderful experience for everyone involved.

Why Exhibit at RootsTech?


For years, RootsTech has been providing coveted booth space in the Expo Hall for both established industry leaders and fresh, young companies. It’s here that companies from all over the world come to:

  • Make sales
  • Share innovative new ideas
  • Generate new leads
  • Network with companies and customers
  • Test and launch products
  • Gain exposure through a variety of mediums
  • Learn from competitors
  • Stay on top of industry developments

There’s no better place to immerse yourself in the latest family history innovation than at RootsTech. For example, attendees at the 2018 conference were able to use “Relatives at RootsTech,” the FamilySearch family tree mobile app, to discover relatives who were also attending the conference. As a result, thousands made new family connections.

What innovation will you bring to the 2019 conference? Share it in the Expo Hall as an exhibitor! Here’s what some of our exhibitors had to say about their time at the 2018 conference:

“There truly is no other experience that parallels a RootsTech experience, especially in the vendor hall. As an exhibitor, I feel inspired to step up my game, knowing that all around me will be vendors with new ideas and exciting improvements. RootsTech encourages me to think outside the box all year long so that when I arrive, I am caught up in the excitement of being a part of something so much bigger than my little table.” —Diahan Southard, Your DNA Guide

“It was our first time exhibiting at RootsTech, and the experience was amazing. The conference itself was well organized, and attendees told us that a key reason for why they were attending was to visit with the exhibitors. We had such warm and helpful interactions with the RootsTech staff who happily answered our questions and guided us through the process. We’re looking forward to returning next year and found the experience extremely valuable.” —Robert Gelb, CEO of Kindaba

So, what can you expect in 2019? As always, exhibitors can expect big dividends for their investment. Here’s what’s new.

What to Expect at RootsTech 2019


  • RootsTech is excited to announce that the Expo Hall is expanding beyond its physical boundaries to allow off-site attendees to view a virtual version of the space, extending the reach of exposure for our exhibitors even farther.
  • In 2019, RootsTech booth prices will increase. 10’x10’ booth spaces will start at $800 for the full four-day conference. Applications for exhibiting will open in July 2018. Stay tuned to and the official Facebook and Twitter pages for more announcements about exhibiting.

Now is a great time to be involved in the multibillion-dollar genealogy industry. Past exhibitors are seeing substantial returns on their investment—and now it’s your turn! If you’re ready to promote your brand on a large scale and increase the visibility of your company in the coming year, you’ll want to have a presence at the 2019 RootsTech Expo Hall! Remember, even though the Expo Hall is gigantic, booth spaces sell out quickly. Don’t pass up this unique opportunity to give your company traction and highlight your brand. We’ll see you next year at the conference on February 27–March 2.

Have questions? Join our RootsTech Sponsors & Exhibitors Facebook group to learn more. It’s the perfect place to get answers and interact with other exhibitors.


Linda Clyde

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