Linda Clyde | Jul 18, 2017

Exhibit at RootsTech 2018—Ready, Set, Go!

Offer helpful solutions, give demonstrations, and interact with thousands of family history enthusiasts from around the globe.

Now is a great time to be involved in the multibillion-dollar genealogy industry, and the exciting news is that it’s still growing. Previous RootsTech exhibitors are seeing substantial returns on their investment—and now it’s your turn! If you’re ready to promote your brand on a large scale and increase the visibility of your company in the coming year, you’ll want to be at our conference! Here are six reasons to make sure you’re in the RootsTech Expo Hall in 2018.


As a RootsTech exhibitor, you’ll be surrounded with unique opportunities for your company, so start prepping now for the big event. Have new products? Bring what’s new, and gather feedback from your target audience. (A little cross selling might be in order.) Hired any newbies lately? RootsTech is a great way to introduce them to the industry. The conference is right around the corner, so call the press and prime your social media accounts for some serious action! Popular booths are no accident!

Brand Awareness

Remember that RootsTech is the largest family history conference in the world. If you want to get noticed, you’ve come to the right place. The Expo Hall is the perfect place to showcase your products and services and assess the market’s awareness of your company and brand. Get ready to design an eye-catching booth, talk to everyone that comes your way, hand out swag, and present yourself as an established brand in the eyes of current and future customers.

“We look forward to RootsTech every year. Having been there since the beginning, we can say that it started strong and has become even better each year. The format of the conference, the positive energy, and the amazing conference organizers makes this one of our favorite events of the year.”  -Ancestry


Naturally, you’re in it for the sales—and we’re here to help you. Consider launching new products, celebrating a company milestone, or offering special deals just for the conference. RootsTech attracts new family history buffs and seasoned professionals from around the globe. You can expect to meet thousands of potential customers and fortify existing relationships with current clients and business partners to increase future revenue.


Now’s your chance to spend some quality face-to-face time with all kinds of people in the family history industry. Maintain relationships and build some new ones; take a little time to visit with other exhibitors. Who knows—you might walk away from the conference with exciting new business opportunities, contacts for potential employees, and new distributors for your products!   


As a RootsTech exhibitor, you’ll be in a position to influence, build trust, and educate. Take this exciting opportunity to teach attendees how your products or services work, share success stories from existing customers, provide customer service, and offer helpful solutions.


RootsTech isn’t all about what you give; it’s also about what you get. As an exhibitor, you’ll learn and make discoveries of your own throughout the four-day conference. Find out what your competitors are up to, gather customer feedback, and brighten the future of your company with new ideas, technology, and connections as an exhibitor at RootsTech 2018.

Ready, set, go!

Linda Clyde

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