Stevi Ginolfi, BYUtv | Aug 16, 2018

Four Facts About the Season Four Relative Race Teams

Season four of Relative Race is right around the corner and we are so excited for new family connections to be made in this race across the country. With $50,000 on the line, challenges to complete, and family to meet, our season four teams are gearing up for the race of a lifetime.

Here’s your chance to meet the season four teams before the race takes off on September 16, 2018, on BYUtv.

4 Facts from Team Red:


Mike Brown and Austen Williams are a father-daughter duo hoping to connect with any members of Mike’s side of the family (including his biological father)!

  1. Team motto? Work smarter, not harder.
  2. Biggest weakness? Pride.
  3. Where do they think the race will take them? Somewhere on the east coast.
  4. How would Austen describe her dad in one word? Crazy.

Learn more about Team Red in this exclusive video:

4 Facts from Team Black:


Joe and Jerica Henline are siblings and long-time fans of Relative Race.

  1. Where are they from? Cincinnati, Ohio.
  2. Biggest strength? Communication.
  3. Biggest weakness? Any physical challenge.
  4. Team strategy? Talk to strangers and be friendly.

Learn more about Team Black in this exclusive video:

4 Facts from Team Blue:


Josh and Tiffany Lewis are a husband and wife duo in search of Josh’s biological father.

  1. How long have they been married? 4 years.
  2. How would they describe their team? Intensely nuts.
  3. Biggest strength? Street smarts and random pop culture knowledge.
  4. Where do they think the Day 10 challenge will be? Pennsylvania or Chicago.

Learn more about Team Blue in this exclusive video:

4 Facts from Team Green:


Paris and Preshious Anderson are a husband and wife duo hoping to find Preshious’ biological parents.

  1. How long have they been married? Five years.
  2. Where they want to go? California or Florida.
  3. Biggest strength? Strategizing.
  4. Biggest weakness? He gets easily frustrated, she panics a lot.

Learn more about Team Green in this exclusive video:


Season four premieres on September 16, 2018, on BYUtv. Be sure to follow Relative Race on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter for all updates and behind the scene looks!

Stevi Ginolfi, BYUtv

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