Maegan Kasteler | Apr 29, 2019

Genealogy ABCs: F–J

In the second installment of our Genealogy ABCs we explore letters F–J. You can find the first edition in this series here.

F: Found

As a genealogist, you know that nothing beats that moment you can look at the name of a relative and say, "I FOUND you!" These huzzah moments are the fuel that keeps genealogists going. These amazing finds can be a person, a photo, a record, or even a new branch in your tree! You have all experienced the joy that these moments bring.

G: Grandparents

You've got to hand it to your grandparents—many of them lived through multiple wars, revolutions, and mass social change. This generation has much wisdom and knowledge to impart on those who want to know. You can interview your elders to learn about their lives, record their histories, and learn about their parents and grandparents. You might even learn some family gossip and folklore! Truly, grandparents are a treasure trove of information. Make sure you spend time learning from them and gleaning as much family history information from them while you can!

H: Heirlooms

Have you inherited something from your ancestors? Maybe it’s that old photo album that’s been in the family for years or an old family Bible. It could be a car or a house. Maybe you received clothes or jewelry. These treasures may not be worth any money, but they can hold a treasure trove of information about your family.

You can also use this as an opportunity to create family heirlooms that will be passed down for years.

Read more about heirlooms and watch recorded sessions from past conferences here.

I: Indexing

Where would we be without the loyal indexers who have helped digitize, categorize, and record the information included in records? These hardworking volunteers are what make it possible for us as genealogists to find new records digitally. Many of the leading family history websites, including FamilySearch and, rely on those who digitize these records for their record hints.

If you have ever gotten an email from FamilySearch saying they've found a record hint, or if you've seen that green leaf in your tree on, make sure you thank an indexer!

Do some indexing here.

J: Journal

Journaling is an easy way to do family history work. Often as genealogists, we forget that family history is as much  about us and what we leave for future generations as it is those who came before us. Keeping a journal and recording your personal history will enable your posterity to continue your work after you are gone.

Whether you are an avid journal keeper or a newbie, we have many resources on our blog to help improve your journaling habits. Read more here.

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