Maegan Kasteler | May 6, 2019

Genealogy ABCs: Kids–Obituaries

Have you been keeping up with our Genealogy ABCs series? For our third edition to the series, we explore the letters K through O, covering topics from kids to obituaries. You can find the first and second editions in the series on our blog.

K: Kids

Kids are truly our future, and surprisingly, they are an important part of genealogy. There are many ways you can get them involved in genealogy at any age, from teens and young adults all the way down to the little ones. Getting them involved in family history at a young age will help strengthen them and increase resilience.

It's also important to not forget about the kids in your family tree. When researching family units in your family tree, make sure you are looking for the forgotten children. Sometimes children who died in infancy seem to fall off the map and are often forgotten.

L: Library

We are so lucky that a good portion of what we do as genealogists can be done online. But there are some collections of records that are not available online. So, in this digital age, there are some times when you need to close your browser and head down to the library. Many libraries around the world are homes to non-digital archives.

To help get you started with your archival research, you can find some terms you might need to know here, you can also find more information in these articles:  How to Expand Your Research beyond the Internet and An Introduction to ArchiveGrid.

M: Marriage Records

Marriage records are an important part of family history. They contain a lot of information that is important to your research. Searching for these records for your ancestors and helping index these records for others should be a vital part of your research.

N: Newspapers

Newspapers have long been undervalued as a resource for genealogists. Newspapers can hold obituaries, marriage notices, and birth notices. Furthermore, they can also hold stories of your ancestors which can help add context to their stories. Newspapers also offer a glimpse into current events at the time and location of your ancestors, all of which can help lead you to other records. For example, if an ancestor disappears around the time a disaster occurs, this could be a clue.

O: Obituaries

Just like letters M and N, O is an important aspect of genealogy research. Obituaries can be a treasure trove of genealogical information. Obituaries can contain birth information, death information, marriage and children information, anecdotes, employment information, residence information, religious information, and so much more.

You can explore more information about obituaries on our blog: 5 Free Resources for Cemetery and Obituary Research.

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