Elizabeth Miller | Jan 23, 2020

Get to Know Jen Allen

Working a RootsTech event is unlike anything else. An event focused this much on family often results in the team becoming like family. Sometimes team members even discover they’re distant relatives! (We’re looking at you, Tyler, Elizabeth, Heidi, Haley, Mike, and well, just about everyone.) We want to share our team family with our RootsTech family. And what better way to share family than to conduct and share not awkward interviews!

Did you ever wonder what advice Jen would give to her 18-year-old self? Or perhaps her favorite memory from RootsTech? Not to worry—we’ve got all the answers to your burning questions here on our “Get to Know Jen” page! We have had such a wonderful time getting to know so many of our RootsTech attendees, so it’s only fair that we share a few things about each member of our team. So we present to you:

Get to Know Jen

Jen’s Favorite RootsTech Memory

Elizabeth Miller

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