Miryelle Resek | Nov 10, 2017

How to Create a Facebook Group as a Genealogist

We have talked about how to strengthen bonds using virtual reunions, but in his 2017 RootsTech presentation, David Allen Lambert offered us a new idea on how to gather online: Use a Facebook group.

But how do you create one?

How to Create a Facebook Group

On the very bottom left of your Facebook home page, you’ll see Create; under this heading there are different options to choose from.

Click on Group.


This will open a pop-out screen in the middle of your home page. You will be asked to name your group and begin adding members. Using this screen, you also have the option of adjusting the privacy settings and using the left and right arrows at the top to pick the type of group you want to form.



After you’ve named your group, you can begin adding those who would be interested in it.

For example, while you may be interested in both your maternal and paternal side of the family, making two separate groups will likely be better because those on your maternal side will be less interested in the family members of your paternal side and vice versa.

Select Pin to Shortcuts (in the bottom left corner) to have your group show up on the left side of your home page.


Once you’ve clicked Create, you’ll have the option of selecting an icon to represent your group. You can either choose from the options Facebook provides or click Skip.


Once you’ve clicked OK, Facebook will give you basic instructions on what your page needs before it’s considered complete.

At the top you’ll see a green button that allows you to upload a photo. Consider uploading a photo of one of your ancestors so that those joining your group will immediately know what the group is about.


Once you’ve uploaded the image, add a description of your group on the right side. Also add some tags that might make finding your group easier.

On the top you’ll see an option upload a photo. Consider uploading one of your ancestors so that those joining your group will understand immediately what the group is about.


Add members by going through your Facebook friends to find those who might be interested in joining, and encourage your friends to add their friends!

Stay tuned for our next article, “How to Maintain a Facebook Group as a Genealogist,” and feel free to share any tips you have on @RootsTechConf!

Miryelle Resek

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