Lauren Beharrell, Family Tree Magazine | Jan 23, 2018

Learn more about the hobby you love with Family Tree

Family Tree has been helping family historians of all levels trace their ancestors’ lives since 1984. We warmly welcome people to this fantastic hobby from around the globe, and we’d really love for you to join us. Read on to discover how we can help you become a great (or greater!) genealogist.

With research stories, case studies, in-depth master classes, and more, we will help you explore the archives and websites of the English-speaking world to track down essential records and clues to piece together your own family story. Here are just a few of the many ways in which Family Tree will help you piece together the puzzle of the past.

1. The Family Tree Website

This is our go-to genealogy hub, packed with family history: news, free guides, top websites, interviews, videos, downloadable record sheets, and so much more.

2. The Family Tree Academy

We get how challenging it can be to have family history conundrums that you just can’t solve. We understand that it can be bewildering to try and make sense of the records of the past. Yet we also know how truly enjoyable it is to solve those problems and to equip yourself with the knowledge and genealogy skills you need to further your family research. So we’ve developed the Family Tree Academy, which gives all readers of Family Tree (print or digital) the opportunity to join us in our genealogy learn-along. Every issue we bring you, for instance, contains examples of old handwriting to transcribe, interesting historic documents to decipher, and case studies to pit your ancestor-hunting wits against. In the forthcoming issue, we describe the answers to previous challenges and set exciting new challenges to help you learn more in the issues to come. To find out more about the Family Tree Academy, go here .

3. Expert Advice

In every issue we feature in-depth master classes with leading genealogists on essential family history records. We showcase reader questions and provide answers that demonstrate how to solve your own family history problems. Our Techy Tips series will help you use the latest gadgets, software, apps, and more to create digital family history research you’ll be proud of.

4. Fun and Friendship

At Family Tree we’re all about family history, and we love helping people further understand their family’s story. Researching the lives of those who have come before us can be a very poignant experience. Yet it’s also a curious and amusing hobby that is endlessly fascinating; there is always something new to learn. In every issue, we enjoy sharing reader stories and letters. Our star contributors, exclusive to Family Tree (Diane Lindsay, Gill Shaw, and Tom Wood), add to the fun and friendly atmosphere of the magazine.

5. Surprise yourself!

When you search the internet, you’re seeking answers to questions you already have. When you open the pages to Family Tree, however, we take you on a journey into the past, revelling in family history research. We will spark new ideas to help you trace your ancestors’ lives, show you alternative approaches that you might not have thought of, and share with you sources that you may not have come across before. With Family Tree you will enjoy a relaxing, challenging, and inspiring read that stretches your family history knowledge and helps you piece together the story of your family’s history.

Family Tree is published every four weeks as a traditional print and interactive digital edition, and welcomes readers from around the globe.

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Lauren Beharrell, Family Tree Magazine

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