Janell Vasquez | Oct 28, 2020

Recording Helps

Use the tips below to ensure your recording is the best possible and that it is legal and shareable. It is important to note that we are aiming for authentic and energetic, not professional, recordings.

Picture Perfect

  • Record using the technology readily available to you, whether that be a smartphone, a tablet, or a computer.
  • If your device and recording app can be configured to do so, set your video resolution to 1080P.
  • Consider the camera positioning:
  • Please record your video in landscape view (horizontal).
  • Try to position your camera at or slightly above eye level. This will allow the audience to engage with your eyes.
  • Good lighting is vital:
  • Keep the largest source of light pointed at your face (a 45-degree angle is often best).
  • Natural light is best, but do not use a window as your backdrop.
  • Consider your attire:
  • Choose bright and solid clothing; small, busy patterns create a blur on camera.
  • Avoid graphics or logos on your clothing; this can distract from your message.
  • Make sure your recording is an MP4 file.

Sounding It Out

  • The most important part of your recording is that the audience can hear you clearly. To ensure that:
  • Try to use an external microphone for better sound.
  • If you are using a smartphone or tablet to record, make sure nothing is covering your microphone.
  • Start with small test recordings to ensure the lighting is right and the sound is clear and free of echoes.
  • Keep distracting sounds at bay.
  • Try to record yourself when and where you can best be heard.
  • Leave space at the beginning and end of your recording.
  • After you start recording, silently count to three before you start speaking.
  • Do the same at the end, silently counting to three before you stop recording.

The Legal Stuff

  • If you include music, make sure you have the rights to use the music. This rule also applies to video content.
  • Be careful about logo placement. Limit the number of products you are promoting that are not your own.

Janell Vasquez

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