Elizabeth Miller | Oct 14, 2019

Registration for RootsTech 2020 Is Open! Road to RootsTech, Season 2 ep. 2

Registration Is Open!

Can you believe registration for RootsTech is already open? We’re so close!

Who gets more excited than anyone else for RootsTech registration to open? We submit that it is our very own Tyler Stahle. In this Road to RootsTech episode, Tyler will tell us why he may be more excited for registration day than for Christmas. Get ready everyone; it’s registration time!

Our RootsTech team has worked countless hours for months to bring you the best experience possible at RootsTech 2020. Registration is just the beginning of the journey. We’ve still got plenty of exciting preparations before February, but why not take a moment to celebrate?

How do you celebrate getting ready for RootsTech?

You can register for RootsTech here.

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