Maegan Kasteler | Dec 12, 2019

Road to RootsTech 2020: Expo Hall

Our Road to RootsTech series is still going strong. For the most recent episode, we sent Brandon, Haley, and Jonathan to the Salt Palace to explain some of the old and new key features you can expect in the expo hall in 2020.

In the expo hall, you will find key staples that you have come to know and love over the past 10 years, including the coaches’ corner, the demo theater, and the cyber café. New to the cyber café will be expert help and new learning experiences.

Another new addition to the expo hall is a large classroom! Here you can learn about all the latest and greatest in genealogy technology.

As a final note, Brandon and Haley show some key features that will be changing in the Salt Palace to make room for a 700-room hotel.

Watch the full episode here, and find out about more improvements coming to the expo hall in 2020:

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Maegan Kasteler

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