Maegan Kasteler | Feb 13, 2019

Road to RootsTech ep. 8: RootsTech Swag

Alright folks, we are officially only a few weeks away from the start of RootsTech 2019, and surprise! We have a new edition of the Road to RootsTech Series.

We sat down with three of our fantastic staff members to discuss some of the RootsTech branded swag that will be available at the RootsTech Store located in the expo hall.

There you will find T-shirts, scarfs, jackets, water bottles, a messenger bag, wireless earbuds and headphones, and more!

Don't forget to stop by the RootsTech Store, and when you do, take pictures of your swag and tag us on social media Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or use our official hashtag #RootsTech

Maegan Kasteler

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