Linda Clyde | Feb 9, 2017

The Scott Brothers Get Down to Business—Family Business

You’ve heard it said that family should never go into business together, but Drew and Jonathan Scott, the dynamic brotherly duo from HGTV, have enjoyed proving that theory wrong for thirty years. This identical duo has been in business together since the age of seven, when they started their first successful business, and they’re still enjoying it!

From talking extensively about their Scottish heritage to sharing their passion for the real estate and renovation work they do, Jonathan and Drew Scott delighted the RootsTech audience with their obvious passion for life and living it fully. Thanks to their parents; and a fascination with old armor and swords; they’ve explored their Scottish roots from the time they were small and it’s played a big part in shaping who they’ve become.

“I believe you can’t really appreciate where you’re going, until you know where you’re from," Jonathan said.

The brothers’ mutual excitement and energy paired with their natural entrepreneurship has been a main ingredient for their perpetual success-- but it’s not the only ingredient. The brothers grew up on a ranch in Canada where they developed a strong work ethic, and their appreciation for hard work is still evident in all they do. But perhaps one of the most valued ingredients for their success has been family. From the time they were small they received encouragement from their parents to follow their dreams, and family continues to play an important role in their lives.

“Any time we can take our platform and use that to encourage people to just get out and connect as human beings, it’s very important,” said Jonathan.

Linda Clyde

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