Maegan Kasteler | Jul 15, 2020

Virtual Connections

There is no denying that we are living in a very unique time. With whole communities being shut down because of COVID-19, it is easy to feel lonely and overwhelmed. So how do you stay connected during this unprecedented time? We’re here to give you a few suggestions on how to connect—virtually!

Family History Genealogy Facebook Groups

We have written about these helpful groups before, and we are big fans. You can use these groups to connect with family, crowdsource research questions, and help boost morale.

Zoom, Google Meet, Facebook Room

There are many videoconferencing options out there. This form of modern technology helps bring face-to-face interactions back into your life (with a few small adjustments). Using these tools, you can connect with family, friends, and others across the globe, plus it feels a little more personal than a normal phone call. The best part about videoconferencing? Everyone can join!

Jackbox Games

OK, so this isn’t necessarily a family history tool, but we love Jackbox Games. Jackbox Games is an online game platform designed for players of all ages. You can buy single games or party packs of multiple games, and they come with tips on how to play remotely with your friends and family. And who doesn’t love family game night?

Marco Polo App

You may have used this app already. If so, you understand how great it is for having open communication on your own time. Marco Polo is touted as “more like having a conversation in real life.” You can download the app for Android or iOS.

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Maegan Kasteler

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