Linda Clyde | Feb 5, 2018

What to Expect at the RootsTech 2018 Innovation Showcase

Advances in technology and innovation have reshaped the way we approach family history and genealogy. So many options and opportunities are now available that yesteryear were just a dream. Would we have imagined 20 years ago that today we would be able to search millions of records from the comfort of our own homes, or that with a small sampling of our saliva we’d be able to trace our ancestry and solve important family history mysteries? Today’s technology and innovation are treasured gifts that are allowing us to experience connection and belonging like never before.

This year, RootsTech is excited to provide some perspective on just how much things have changed over the last two decades. Don’t miss the chance to attend the Innovation Showcase following FamilySearch International CEO, Steve Rockwood’s keynote address on Wednesday, February 28, 2018. Past RootsTech conferences have featured an Innovator Showdown between competitors. New changes to the 2018 Innovation Showcase will create a new mainstage approach to highlight advances in the industry.

This year at the Innovation Showcase, you’ll enjoy an insightful, fast-paced session. We’ll be interviewing a group of experts in three fields: records, digital memories, and DNA. These three groups will be offering insights into the past and bold predictions for the future of family history. As an attendee, you’ll have the opportunity to voice your own opinion about the future of the industry by participating in live audience surveys happening during the session. Here’s a preview of some of the exciting content you’ll experience during the Showcase:

  • Records: More and more digital records are made available online every day. Access, availability, hinting, and sourcing are accelerating, but there is still a need for innovation in many areas including user access, preservation techniques, legislation and cloud storage. Are you aware of current problems and challenges related to digitizing records and making them accessible for others? Come listen to what panelists have to say about the work that’s been done and what’s still left to do.
  • Digital Memories: Perhaps some of the most prized and meaningful aspects of family history are special memories and stories, but do we ever stop to consider how these are being uploaded, curated, and preserved? Will our family members and friends be able to find them? Learn from experts how to best preserve and share memories so that they’ll be easily accessible for future generations.
  • DNA: The introduction of DNA into the genealogy space has forever changed the way people are approaching their family history. Previously unattainable answers are now within reach, especially for adoptees who desire to know the biological truth of their existence. As one of the most exciting aspects regarding the future of family history, DNA holds answers and exciting information for anyone interested in taking a test. Consider what might be possible in coming decades. This is sure to be an exciting discussion you won’t want to miss!

Come and innovate with us at the Innovation Showcase at RootsTech. We invite you to take full advantage of this unique opportunity to familiarize yourself with the current state of the industry, where it’s been and where it’s going. We’ll see you there!

Linda Clyde

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