Maegan Kasteler | Jan 7, 2019

What to Wear at RootsTech

The countdown to RootsTech continues, and we’re busy preparing for the best conference yet. We are thrilled that so many of you have decided to join us and the many fantastic keynote speakers, presenters, and exhibitors here in Salt Lake City.

In preparation for your attendance we have shared a list of places to eat, other activities you can participate in to supplement your time in our great city, and now we want to share some practical tips for what to wear and bring to RootsTech.

Here's what you should bring and wear.

Good Shoes

You’ll be walking a lot at RootsTech, so bring comfortable, sturdy shoes that you can wear all day. Salt Lake City is in the Wasatch Mountains and frequently has snow in late February, so make sure your shoes can withstand the weather.


We highly recommend wearing layers. Winters in Utah are unpredictable, and wearing layers allows you to customize your level of warmth to the outdoor temperature as well as the temperature in the convention center. The Salt Palace does have a coat check for your excess layers but is unable to hold personable valuables.

Water Bottle

You’re more than welcome to bring a water bottle into the Salt Palace. In fact, we highly encourage it. Multiple water fountains are located in the Salt Palace for refilling to help keep you hydrated all day. If you forget a water bottle, have no fear! You can find a special RootsTech bottle in the RootsTech store in the expo hall.

Conference Badge

Some of you opted to have your conference badge mailed to you, and others have opted to receive your badge at check-in. Regardless of how you receive your badge, it’s important to remember to wear your badge every day. Without it, you won't be admitted to classes, keynotes, the expo hall, labs, or sponsored lunches. We won't be scanning badges this year, but you will still need them in order to access all that RootsTech has to offer.


If you need glasses during presentations, don't forget to bring them! Also, don't forget to pack a lens cloth to clean them.


RootsTech is a technology-based genealogy conference, so we’re all about attendees bringing digital note-taking devices. If you prefer to type your notes, go for it! If you take notes by hand, bring a good notebook and multiple writing utensils.

Device Chargers/Portable Power Bank

Make sure you bring charging cords for all those devices you bring. Another great charging option? Portable power banks. These pocket-sized devices allow you to charge mobile devices on the go. If you don’t already have one, don’t worry! We’ll have some available for purchase at the RootsTech Store. Inside the expo hall you’ll find the Cyber Café, the Power Up bar, and tables with built-in charging stations to meet all your charging needs.

Business Cards

Another great advantage of RootsTech is the opportunity to network with other genealogists on all levels. Bringing business cards gives you an easy way to exchange contact and professional information to help these new connections last.

Food and Snacks

Good news! You are more than welcome to bring snacks with you to RootsTech. Running back and forth between classes, presentations, labs, and the expo hall might make you work up an appetite. We recommend keeping a few healthy snack options in your bags such as granola bars, trail mix, nuts, or fruit.

Photo ID

You might be asked to show photo ID at check-in to verify your identity, so don't forget your ID!

Along with all the things you should bring, there are a few things you should not bring. These include:

Recorder/Video Camera

Personal audio and visual recordings of RootsTech classes and keynote presentations are not permitted, please do not bring recorders or video cameras.

Small Children

RootsTech is first and foremost a professional genealogy conference. Because of this, children under eight and strollers are not permitted in the Salt Palace Convention Center.

We are so excited for you to join us at RootsTech! If you’ve attended in years past, share your other suggestions with us on Facebook and Twitter.

Maegan Kasteler

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