February 3–6, 2021 | Salt Palace

Call for Presentations Information

Proposals for RootsTech Salt Lake 2021 will be accepted on through May 29, 2020. To submit a proposal, click here.

The submission process takes approximately 10 minutes per class submission. After you have successfully completed the process, you will receive an email confirming your submission. You can submit up to 5 presentation proposals.

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Requirements for Submission

  • Session Title: (100-character limit)
  • Session Description: (1,100-character limit) Describe what the attendee will be learning in this session. This description will be used in all class publications (printed conference guide and mobile app)
  • Select Experience Level
  • Select Category
  • Select Session Format (lecture, panel, power hour, workshop)
  • Video Interview: This is a quick 3-minute-or-less video interview. You will not need any special tools; please utilize the link that we provide you here.


Presentation Topics

The planning committee has expressed particular interest in presentations related to the topics listed below. Presentations on other topics will also be considered.



Includes information on how to make the most of DNA research, various tests available, collaboration through DNA, DNA combined with traditional research, etc.

Family Trees

Family Trees

Includes how to grow your family tree, tips for collaboration, tools and resources, and breaking through brick walls.
Technology and Innovation

Technology and Innovation

Topics include new software, API integrations, mobile applications, and other cloud-based solutions.


Includes research hacks, best practices, documentation and citation, etc.
Records and Geographical Research

Records and Geographical Research

Includes census, vital, military, and church records, as well as location-specific records such as the United States, Canada, Great Britain, France, Germany, Mexico, Italy, Jamaica, China, and more.
Photos, Stories and Memories

Photos, Stories, and Memories

Includes topics on capturing and preserving stories, interviewing tips, journaling and writing, and collaboration with family members to preserve family memories.


Topics include preservation of records as well as how to preserve family heirlooms, documents, or other memorabilia.


Includes information on how to work together with other family members as well as tips for using social media or other connection tools.

Call for Presentations Timeline

April 15, 2020: Submission portal open | May 29, 2020: Portal closes | July 13–18: Speakers notified of session acceptance | August 1, 2020: Speaker acceptance deadline

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Session Levels

When submitting your proposal, please indicate the experience level of your session.

Beginner: New to family history, genealogy, and DNA; need help learning the basics in order to progress their family trees.

Intermediate: Have a family tree started; understand the basics of researching and adding sources; looking for the next steps in research methodology; looking for next steps with DNA results.

Advanced: Very experienced in genealogy work, including DNA research and region-specific research. Are looking for advanced tools to overcome brick walls.

Professional: Accredited or certified genealogists or want to become accredited or certified.


Session Types

RootsTech presentations may be in one of the following session formats:

  • Lecture: A single presenter in a traditional class session focuses on a topic, with time left at the end for questions and answers.
  • Panel Session: Multiple speakers form a panel for a collaborative presentation on a particular topic or to answer questions from attendees.
  • Power Hour
  • Workshop
  • Sponsored Class Session: We welcome proposals sponsored by societies and businesses. During the proposal submission process, please indicate the endorsing organization. We ask that sessions sponsored by an organization serve to educate the attendees without requiring them to purchase a particular product or service

Session Lengths

All sessions will be 60 minutes in length. There will be 30-minute breaks between sessions. Power Hour sessions are 60 minutes and include three different presenters, each speaking for 20 minutes.


Speaker Benefits

All speakers selected to present at RootsTech Salt Lake will receive the following:

  • Payment of $100 per lecture taught or $50 per speaker for a panel session
  • Various travel and accommodation compensation will be available
  • Lunch voucher for the day(s) you speak
  • Free 4-day conference pass

Proposal Acceptance

If your proposal is accepted, an email will be sent to you with further instructions. You will be given a window of time to review the speaker requirements and timeline and accept the invitation to participate as a RootsTech speaker.

“I am passionate about teaching and I have lectured all over the world in venues of all shapes and audiences of all sizes. But the goal is the same every time: get my message out. RootsTech provides an ideal venue to do just that. Not only do they have the ability to bring me ears to hear my message, but their superior organization and experience means that I always have all the information I need to be ready for the conference so I can focus on preparing my message. Plus, during the event their on-site support is exceptional, allowing me to focus on just delivering my message. RootsTech is an essential addition to my schedule.”

Diahan Southard, Your DNA Guide

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