RootsTech Expo Hall 2018

The expo hall at RootsTech

Experience RootsTech’s Giant Expo Hall

The Expo Hall is the place to discover helpful solutions, watch demonstrations, and interact with innovative family history technology. Come and see what hundreds of exhibitors from around the globe have to share.

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5 Reasons to Visit the Expo Hall

Coaching on family history
March 1–3, Expo Hall

Coaches’ Corner

Are you hitting roadblocks in your family history? Drop by the new coaches’ corner for some one-on-one mentoring from an expert genealogist. No sign up required. Stop by during regular Expo Hall hours.

Heirlooms at RootsTech
March 1–3, Expo Hall

Heirloom Show and Tell

Have an antique, heirloom, or photo that you’d like an expert to look at? Now’s your chance! Bring in any small item, or a photo, or a large item you’ve been wondering about, and we’ll tell you about it.

Innovation Alley Archway at the Innovator Summit
February 28–March 3, Expo Hall

Innovation Alley

Back by popular demand is the Innovation Alley found in the Expo Hall. Innovation Alley features new tech in the family history industry, or in adjacent markets. Schedule some time to stop by these booths, and give exhibitors a warm welcome to the industry. 

Family discovery at the expo hall
February 28–March 3, Expo Hall

Discovery Zone

At the Discovery Zone, you’ll see your ancestors come to life with interactive displays, fun facts, engaging activities, and the all new indexing station. Come see how fun it can be to learn about your heritage.

Demo Theater at RootsTech
February 28–March 3, Expo Hall

23andMe Demo Theater

After you’ve walked the Expo Hall, come rest your feet in the demo theater. Watch exhibitors give informative, 15-minute presentations and demonstrations while you relax on comfortable couches. Also join us for the Lounge and Learn presentations: DNA User Experience Stories on Thursday, How to Tell a Story with Photography on Friday, and FamilySearch Product Managers: The Nerd Herd on Saturday. Visit the schedule page for more information on these events.

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