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Get Involved with RootsTech Connect 2021

RootsTech is going global this year with RootsTech Connect! Because of this special opportunity to focus on countries from all over the world, we wanted to create videos highlighting different cultures, food, traditions, and more, and who better to tell us about those countries than the people who live there and love it?


We want to learn about YOUR country and culture! Share with us videos about your food, traditions, and culture, and we’ll share them during RootsTech Connect!

Heritage Discovery Videos

Who: We want to hear from everyone!
Topics: We’ve divided it up into a few categories: “Food,” “Culture,” “Traditions and Travel”
Video Length: 90 seconds to 5 minutes
Requirements: Please upload in MP4 format
Deadline for Uploads from around the World: December 18, 2020


Your Hometown

Since it’s not easy to travel now, let’s bring the world to you! Share what you love about your hometown, city, or country. Tell us about the most interesting place in your hometown. What is the tourist spot? This could be anything from the Eiffel Tower to a national park or the best local eatery. Tell us the history of this place, as well as your own story. If you have a memory there, what is it? Did you do something fun with friends or family? Did you have an ancestor who was connected to your town or this spot?

Food and Recipes

How-To Food Videos

Food. It brings us together around the dinner table. It connects us with each other. It’s a part of our celebrations, our traditions, and our everyday life! So let’s share and try some new things! If you have a favorite recipe or a special family recipe, please share it with us. Make a how-to video and show us your favorite recipe, and tell us why it’s your favorite! If it’s a family recipe, what’s the story behind the food? Who first made it for you? Is it a dish that’s unique to your country or even your family? Let’s share and enjoy a good meal together virtually during RootsTech Connect.

Culture and Traditions

Fashion Show

The history of clothing is a fascinating one and can tell us a lot about culture, heritage, tradition, and daily life. We’d love for you to show us what you wear today, as well as traditional clothing from your country. What is the history behind the clothing? Does it have any special meaning? What have been your experiences with it?

Culture and Traditions

Traditions and Holidays

Traditions are an awesome way to connect us to our past. To think that we might be doing some of the same traditions that our grandparents, great-grandparents, and ancestors did can be pretty cool. Tell us about some of your traditions—both family traditions and national traditions. Show us how you celebrate some of your country’s holidays.

Culture and Traditions


Part of the excitement of travel is experiencing the beautiful diversity of language. If we want to enjoy the experience even more, then we’ve got to learn from each other, and that means communication! We’ve got eight key phrases that we would love for you to teach the world in your language.

Here they are:

  1. “Hello, my name is _______. Nice to meet you!”
  2. “Can you help me find____?”
  3. “I am from ______.”
  4. “Thank you!”
  5. “I’m sorry!”
  6. “How much does this cost?”
  7. “We are family!”
  8. “Where’s the bathroom?”

(Because we all know that bathroom locations are very important information.)

Check out this example video for one way to share your traditions!

Rob shares his family’s heritage of Scouting, and he shows us a special stave with a connection to his grandfather.

Check out this example video for one way to do food videos!

Heidi shares with us how to make her great-grandmother’s “rainbow noodle” soup!



Tips and Tricks Videos

If you’ve got some tips on how to find your family—or even just how to have fun while doing some family history—we’d love for you to share it!

Tips and Tricks

These are unknown or hidden processes, resources, or experiences people have found to be helpful as they discover, gather, and connect their family—past, present, and future. They are simple videos that people can follow and do in short amounts of time, preferably on their phone.

Who: Anyone who feels inspired to share something from anywhere in the world
Topics: Any tip or trick you think will bring joy to others that you have found to be helpful in your own experience
Video Length: Less than 3 minutes
Requirements: Share what it is, explain why it will help others, and show how to do it. Please upload in MP4 format.
Deadline for Uploads from around the World: December 31, 2020

Check Out This Tips and Tricks Example Video



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