Light Keepers Online: A Family History Experience for Women

A free online experience to help you do your family history


Light Keepers Online

Recording stories. Preserving memories. Sharing your photos. Each of these are things you’re doing every day, and it’s all part of family history. The resources on this page are designed to help you engage in family history in ways you’ve never considered before. From hands-on instruction taught by incredible instructors to the digital workbook that is brimming with inspiration, you’ll be empowered with fresh ideas, creativity, and the resources to lead your family in the work of salvation. No matter your situation, family history can be a strengthening part of your life right now, and you can do it!

Watch the Videos

Light Keepers Online consists of the videos below. Each video will teach you a different skill that you can use to discover or record your family history. Along with each video, you’ll find downloadable PDF worksheets that you can use to take notes and plan your family history experiences.

Welcome to Light Keepers Online

Wendy Smedley, marketing manager at FamilySearch International, invites you and your loved ones to participate in the Light Keepers Online experience and shares some insights to help you discover, gather, and connect your family.

Connect by Rhonna Farrer

Rhonna Farrer discusses the importance of connecting with your ancestors and will show you how that connection is not as difficult as you may think. She’ll explain why you shouldn’t be afraid to write down the hard parts of your own story and how you can begin doing your family history a little bit every day in the Family Tree app.

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Discover by Kirsten Wright

Kirsten will share how you can discover treasures as you get to know your ancestors, who surround and support you. She’ll teach you how to find and preserve your memories and your ancestors’ memories in the Family Tree app.

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Strengthen by Amy Miles

Amy will teach you how to find strength and healing, not just from your ancestors’ stories, but from the telling of your own story. She’ll show you how you can find strength in traits and experiences that you share with your ancestors, and you can learn how to preserve the parts of your story that can be found on social media within the Family Tree app.

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Gather by Maria Eckersley

Maria will guide you through the process of gathering your family in both directions—bringing together your ancestors and your posterity to knit hearts across generations. Learn about “Intergenerational Party Planning,” and remember that you’ve got backup—promised blessings will come as you gather your family on both sides of the veil.

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“While temple and family history work has the power to bless those beyond the veil, it has an equal power to bless the living. It has a refining influence on those who are engaged in it. They are literally helping to exalt their families.”

President Russell M. Nelson