Free Family Activities at RootsTech London

Access to the RootsTech London exhibition hall is free throughout the three-day conference and offers fun activities and learning opportunities for the whole family. The exhibition hall features more than 100 stands for you to learn about DNA services, websites for finding ancestors, family games, and much more!

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What to do at the Exhibition Hall

Discounted DNA Kits

Ever wondered what’s in your DNA? The exhibition hall is the perfect place to purchase your DNA kit at a discounted price from companies such as Ancestry, Living DNA, MyHeritage, and 23andMe.

Discovery Zone

At the Discovery Zone, you’ll see your ancestors come to life with interactive displays, fun facts, and engaging activities. Come see how much fun it can be to learn about your heritage.


Check out a showcase of new tech tools and products. While you’re there, chat with developers and entrepreneurs who are making an impact.

DNA Basics Learning Centre

Questions about DNA? Come get a basic introduction to DNA. Discover what’s possible, or what might be possible in the future, thanks to DNA advancements.


Celebrate your unique family heritage by playing games from around the world. Some of the games include 9-square, Family History Twistor, ancestral games, an escape room experience and more.

Discover Your Story

Participate in activities to help you learn the origin of your name and a stronger appreciation for your unique identity.

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Exhibition Hall Hours

Thursday 9:45 to 7:00 | Friday 9:45 to 6:00 | Saturday 9:45 to 5:00
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24 – 26 October 2019

Inspiring Keynote Speakers

Be inspired and uplifted by an all-star lineup of celebrity keynote speakers, including world-renowned entertainer Donny Osmond. Purchase of a RootsTech pass is required.

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24 – 26 October 2019

150 Breakout Sessions

At RootsTech, learning is priority number one. Choose from over 150 class sessions taught by industry experts, professional genealogists, and experienced storytellers. Learn about the tools, resources, and methods available to help you uncover and share your family’s story. Purchase of a RootsTech pass is required.

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