The FamilySearch Wiki. The FamilySearch Wiki contains vast educational content of more than 80,000 how-to and where-to-find articles about records from 244 countries and is unique to FamilySearch. Morton explained, “The FamilySearch Wiki has a search box. … You’re going to find … what kinds of records are out there. …
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FamilySearch Mobile Apps: Family History, Anytime, Anywhere - Todd Powell Learn how to use the FamilySearch mobile apps to experience family history in a new way. Find out how to easily complete simple family history tasks. 2019 RootsTech Sessions
FamilySearch is an incredible tool that allows us to capture our personal and family stories online at no cost. However, it can be common for people to be confused about what to capture and save on FamilySearch. In this class, we'll talk about what to put on FamilySearch and how to get started in capturing your personal stories!
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FamilySearch Memories. While you’ve probably used FamilySearch for research, you may not be familiar with the Memories section of the website. The Memories page of FamilySearch gives you a space to record and upload the stories and images of your life. “What’s really nice is you can upload documents, you can put in photos,” said Alzo.
One of the times you’ll need to write source citations is when you’ve added evidence or new sources to your family tree on FamilySearch or Ancestry. “You might be adding a new source to FamilySearch or Ancestry.
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Consultants: Serving as a Temple and Family History Consultant - Tamra Stansfield Come learn about the core principles and new resources available to help you, whether you are an experienced or newly called consultant. 2019 LDS Sessions
RootsTech conferences are dedicated to celebrating and discovering family connections, both past and present. With over 150 breakout sessions, an exciting lineup of celebrity speakers, and a gigantic expo hall, we’ve got something we’re sure you’ll love. Get ready to explore your family connections like never before!