Genealogy. RootsTech can help you get started with, or delve deeper into, your genealogy and help you discover your ancestry. From helpful genealogy sites to the latest genealogy technology, the resources below can help you find your family in the genealogy records of the world.
What's New on FamilySearch (for members of the Church) - Ron Tanner This class will review the latest features and capabilities released in FamilySearch, their value and why the changes were made. 2019 LDS Sessions. Play. Family Discovery Day: Elder and Sister Bednar. Play. Family History that Won't Put Your Kids to Sleep - Mike Sandberg ...
Finding Elusive Records on (58:53) Myko Clelland. My Ancestors Are From Britain—What Do I Do Next? (40:36) Sharleen Reyes. Family History in a Digital Future (55:19) Michael Leavitt. Saturday General Session (35:26) Michael Leavitt. Saturday Keynote (25:30) Anne Mitchell.
Try uploading stories, videos, and photos to the FamilySearch Memories app. It’s a great place to localize these treasures for all of your family members to view and enjoy. If you’re into blogging, give Blogpress a try. It’s a handy app that connects to a blog account through Google.
8) Prepare yourself to do a family history interview by visiting the FamilySearch wiki. Gathering oral histories is a wonderful way to do family history. Check out this helpful resource on the FamilySearch wiki. 9) Create short videos. Creating short, easily digestible videos is a wonderful way to do family history in five minutes a day.
Finally! German Church Records and How to Use Them on FamilySearch: Trish Melander. 2019 RootsTech Sessions. Play. Ask A Scientist from AncestryDNA - Barry Starr. Play. Everyone Has A Story, Even You! - Blaine Bettinger, Angie Bush, Diahan Southard. Play. Ask the Experts - Kenyatta Berry, Angie Bush, D. Joshua Taylor.
How to Create Source Citations for Genealogy Research. This is the first of a two-part series exploring genealogical source citations. ... the times you’ll need to write source citations is when you’ve added evidence or new sources to your family tree on FamilySearch or Ancestry. “You might be adding a new source to FamilySearch or ...
Discover, Gather, and Connect Your Family - Angelle Anderson, Scott Anderson, Merrill White This session will share several ideas that will help members of the Church engage their families to discover, gather and strengthen their families through family history 2019 LDS Sessions
RootsTech is only a 10-minute walk from the world’s largest Family History Library. We thought it was about time we take you on a tour! Celebrating 10 Years of RootsTech. 2020 marks RootsTech’s 10-year anniversary, and we’re celebrating the only way we know how—by making everything bigger and better! One of the things we’ve learned in ...
RootsTech conferences are dedicated to celebrating and discovering family connections, both past and present. With over 150 breakout sessions, an exciting lineup of celebrity speakers, and a gigantic expo hall, we’ve got something we’re sure you’ll love. Get ready to explore your family connections like never before!