Google and Maps for Genealogists: Tracking Where You’ve Been. This is the first of a three-part series exploring how to use Google Maps and other apps on genealogy research trips.
Turn it into productive time, and teach them how to index on! This free site allows users to help further the family history work of others. Having your teens become indexing experts will help them better understand the importance of keeping records, history, penmanship, and patience.
German Church Records and How to Use Them on FamilySearch: Trish Melander. 2019 RootsTech Sessions. Play. Ask A Scientist from AncestryDNA - Barry Starr. Play. Everyone Has A Story, Even You! - Blaine Bettinger, Angie Bush, Diahan Southard. Play. Ask the Experts - Kenyatta Berry, Angie Bush, D. Joshua Taylor.
Before you dig too deep into the Library of Congress website, it’s important to remember that it’s not a genealogical database. Holdiman advised not searching the Library of Congress in the same way you’d search for family information on Ancestry, FamilySearch, MyHeritage, or Findmypast.
FamilySearch Memories. While you’ve probably used FamilySearch for research, you may not be familiar with the Memories section of the website. The Memories page of FamilySearch gives you a space to record and upload the stories and images of your life. “What’s really nice is you can upload documents, you can put in photos,” said Alzo.
One of the times you’ll need to write source citations is when you’ve added evidence or new sources to your family tree on FamilySearch or Ancestry. “You might be adding a new source to FamilySearch or Ancestry.
This works much like the Relative Finder feature on the FamilySearch Tree app, but rather than using your phone's built-in GPS, your group uses its unique name and password to discover connections. With this feature, you can create groups for your friends, church congregations, or coworkers. Relative Finder then tells you who you are related to ...
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FamilySearch Records: The Most Valuable Collections for your Family History – David Ouimette Discover the breadth and depth of the record holdings freely available on, including the record collections of greatest value for your family history. We will explore the FamilySearch treasure trove and show you how to get the most ...
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