Making Sense of Unorganized Family Photos. ... Rather, examine the secondary elements of the photo such background objects, clothing, hairstyles, pets, or props. Ask family members or friends if they recognize any of these items or anything else from the photo that might lead to another clue.
5 Steps to Identify a Family Photo. If you don’t have a strategy to follow, analyzing old family photographs can be a long, tedious, and sometimes frustrating process. However, with a little information and close examination, family photographs can lead to discovering new information about your ancestors.
Putting all of your trust in one location is a disaster waiting to happen. What if your computer crashes? What if Facebook suddenly disappears (okay, but seriously)? What if a pair of sticky little hands decides to go through grandpa’s old photo boxes? There are plenty of reasons to keep your memories stored in more than one place.
Storytelling through photo clues is powerful. Life changing might be too strong, but then again, maybe not. If you learn something new about your ancestors that you didn’t know before, then that one picture will stand out from the rest. Take the Time to Discover the Story, Save the Story, and Tell the Story.
While they may not be as prominent today, downloading the Pocketbooth app transforms your phone into a vintage photo booth and allows you to capture the same intimate images. “Pocketbooth is a really fun app that you can put on your phone that simulates the old style photo booth,” said Cooke.
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Photo journaling. These are all avenues to tell your own personal story and create something for your posterity to love and enjoy. But as I truly think about it, writing and/or recording your own personal story is more than a classic heirloom to pass on to family (which is an important reason to do it anyway); it is something more.
Technology. Family history has been made easier through technology, apps, and APIs. Learn about the great technology used to make genealogy more convenient. Become better at digital genealogy, get the most recent tech tips, and stay up to date with the latest family history innovations right here at
Popular Mobile Apps for Finding Local History “There’s a reason why we need to look at local history,” said professional genealogist Amy Johnson Crow in her 2016 RootsTech presentation. “We need to understand where our ancestors lived because the area where they lived and when they were living there had such an effect on them.
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