When creating your spreadsheet, include columns for photo ID, description, size, date, color, photographer, and whatever else makes sense for your collection. Now you can identify and document your photograph. Wilkins recommends thinking about how you would describe this photo to a stranger or someone who is blind.
You’ll also receive a prompt to give the app permission to access your device’s photo library. Selecting Allow will bring all of the photos and videos on your device into the Google Photos app. As you’re getting started with the app, make sure you select Backup and Sync to ensure all of your photos are automatically saved.
Google Photos: Collect, Organize, Preserve and Share: Michelle Goodrum Google Photos is a powerful, free app for storing, organizing and sharing. Users can also edit and create photo projects and automatically add their photos to the app from their digital devices.
5 Ways to Identify an Unknown Family Photo. Identifying unknown photos doesn’t have to be scary. These tips will get you started! Miryelle Resek | 2017-06-05. 10 Apps for Capturing and Sharing Your Family’s Story. It’s never been easier to preserve family stories. Here are 10 ideas already in the palm of your hand.
However, with a little information and close examination, family photographs can lead to discovering new information about your ancestors. In her presentation at RootsTech 2016, photo historian Maureen Taylor shared five important steps that will help you take a photo from unknown to part of your family story: Study the clues in the picture.
Add your story to any photo using your iPhone and your voice. RootsFinder. Easy to research. Easy to share. Innovator Showdown Judges. Alan Doan Alan Doan. Alan Doan is currently the CEO of MissouriQuiltCo.com, a business he co-founded seven years ago with a focus on reimagining the ecommerce experience of shopping for fabric online. ...
“Rhonna Designs Magic is a photo-editing app that I developed, and, among other things, this app allows you to not only improve the quality of photos but also make them pieces of art so that you can use them for family scrapbooks, personal histories, or planning family reunions,” said Farrer.
Metadata—Writing on the Back of a Digital Photo Family History in 5 Minutes a Day: Deborah Gamble February 28 2018. Online Genealogy for Beginners and Beyond: Lisa Alzo March 2 2018. Innovator Summit General Session 2017: Steve Rockwood You CAN Take It With You: Mobile Genealogy: Judy Muhn ...
Photo journaling. These are all avenues to tell your own personal story and create something for your posterity to love and enjoy. But as I truly think about it, writing and/or recording your own personal story is more than a classic heirloom to pass on to family (which is an important reason to do it anyway); it is something more.
5 Steps to Identify a Family Photo (57:43) Lisa Louise Cooke. Proven Methodology for Using Google for Genealogy (57:40) Peggy Lauritzen. Homespun and Calico: Finding Our Foremothers (1:00:27) D. Joshua Taylor. A Digital Treasure: PERSI and Your Family History (55:38) Robert Kehrer.